How does that work?

We look for suppliers of anti-covic devices (masks, sanitizers, gloves, etc.) with fast delivery times: within 10 working days.

Who are the suppliers and who are the products shipped from?

The average shipping time and vendor will be listed on the page for each product. This portal uses the dropshipping methodology, so shipments will start directly from the indicated manufacturer/carrier.

Is there customer service?

Absolutely. We are active by email, via chat through Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. Initially we will give you support directly, on issues not dependent on our service, we will put you directly in touch with the supplier

Do the products advertised on this site have all the certifications?

We rely on the good faith of suppliers. In this emergency period it is not possible for us to verify the veracity of the certifications of the products sold. In the product cards, we will enter all possible data (including the supplier’s data) to allow anyone to carry out their own checks.


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